Whitby cliff collapses onto the shore – here's the advice from the Coastguard

A cliff in Whitby has collapsed onto the shore.

Wednesday, 17th July 2019, 8:59 am

Yesterday afternoon Whitby Coastguard Team were called out around 12.10pm in response to a landslip in the Sandsend area.

When the team arrived at the scene, they found an area to the North of Sandsend Ness where a cliff fall had occurred.

A significant amount of material had fallen from the cliff onto the shoreline below.

A spokesperson from the Coastguard said: "Thankfully this incident happened on private land away from the cliff path.

"However, this serves as a clear reminder of the fragility of our cliffs.

"The Coastguard advises that you should not stand less than the height of the cliff away from its base, IF safe to do so.

"That means that if the cliff is 25 metres high, don’t place yourself less than 25 metres from the base. Also please keep away from all cliff edges as they may be dangerously undercut by erosion and wave action. Adhere to any signs or barriers restricting access or warning of danger."