Whitby’s Radio 1 DJ attacked love rival in nightclub

Jericho Keys
Jericho Keys

A Whitby-born Radio 1 presenter has been fined and faces losing his job after attacking a love rival in a nightclub.

Jericho Keys, 26, put the other disc jockey in a head lock and punched his face.

Keys, who is reportedly back living with his parents in Whitby, pleaded guilty to assault by beating Robert Major in the Nevermind nightclub, in York. He had been living in the city.

Leeds Magistrates’ Court heard Mr Major was the ex-boyfriend of Keys’ girlfriend Lucy Bellerby.

Prosecutor Kim Coley said Keys approached Mr Major at his DJ booth, said to him ‘You alright?’ and punched him around the face and head with both fists clenched.

Door staff detained Keys until police arrived to the nightclub and arrested him.

“He fully admitted hitting the DJ and said ‘he’s been provoking me for weeks’,” Miss Coley told the court.

Keys said Mr Major had been giving him dirty looks when he had seen him on previous nights out and gigs.

Keys said he was embarrassed and sorry for what he had done.

Mitigating, Mark Whitfield told the bench that Keys is currently suspended from work with Radio 1 and BBC Radio York.

He said Keys has been diagnosed with depression and is seeing a mental health counsellor.

Mr Whitfield said Keys has been with his current girlfriend Lucy for two years.

She suffers from a medical condition which increases her risk of developing cancer. Her grandmother died of cancer and her mother had a double mastectomy and had her ovaries removed.

Mr Whitfield said Lucy discovered her condition whilst in a relationship with Mr Major and he had been less than supportive.

“He went over to confront Mr Major about how he had treated Lucy,” said Mr Whitfield.

“He lost his temper and got him in a headlock and struck him twice around the head.”

Keys is suspended from work and faces internal disciplinary proceedings following his court case.

He was fined £115 for the assault, plus £105 costs. He must also pay Mr Major £100 compensation.