Who could do this to a children's play area?

The damage caused overnight to the secret garden
The damage caused overnight to the secret garden

A preschool’s secret garden has been trashed by vandals and children’s sentimental creations have been ruined.

Staff at Wheatcroft Preschool were “devastated” when they discovered part of the children’s play area had been completely vandalised causing £100 worth of damage.

Bug catchers, ornaments, plant plots have been broken and wellies and clothing for the children, who are as young as two, have been smeared with soil.

Amanda Campbell, manager at the preschool, said: “The staff were really angry that someone could do this to what is so clearly a children’s play area.

“There are things in the garden that two-year-olds have planted and made.

“They didn’t go outside so they didn’t see it. They would have been devastated.”

Mrs Campbell went to check the outside area before pupils arrived at around 9am and discovered the damage.

The other area of the play area remained untouched.

The four staff members are overwhelmed by the support they have received from the families.

“We’ve had a really lovely response, the community has got behind us which is really nice when something like this happens,” added Mrs Campbell.

Staff at the preschool, which cares for around 28 children, were already speaking to their local PCSO as they believe someone may be sleeping rough in the garden.

The secret garden is locked overnight but they think someone has climbed over the fencing.

They are now looking to install CCTV to the property which the preschool has been in since April.

North Yorkshire Police are investigating reports of criminal damage. The incident is believed to have happened between 4pm on Thursday 19 October, and 7am on Friday 20 October.

Anyone with information should contact the police on 101, select option 1 and quote reference 12170188711.