Why didn't overflow relief valve open during Scarborough floods?

The overflow relief valve in Scarborough
The overflow relief valve in Scarborough

Following Wednesday's flash flood, questions have been raised as to why flood relief procedures put in place were not effective.

Questions have been put to Yorkshire Water about why the overflow relief valve onto Scarbough's South Bay beach wasn't opened during the mass flooding on Scarborough.

Roadworks on Valley Road yesterday which have now been repaired

Roadworks on Valley Road yesterday which have now been repaired

South Bay Traders have questioned why the valve wasn't opened during the flooding to provide much-needed relief.

One said: "That valve was not opened. It would have created a channel that would still be visible.

""It is there as an overflow relief valve that just blows open discharging a huge volume of water under great pressure carving a huge channel in the beach due to ferocity of water.

"It is spectacular to watch."

Following the flooding, The Scarborough News asked Yorkshire Water for a response.

George Cowell, Yorkshire Water's Coastal Delivery Manager said: "As part of our investment to improve Scarborough's bathing water, we installed a large tank to help store water during a storm so it can be treated and safely returned back to the environment after a storm event.

"Our storage tank was in operation yesterday and helped to reduce the surface water flooding that occurred after the heavy rainfall."

Scenes of what looked like a rapid river flowing down Eastborough show the extent of the torrential rainfall which hit the town.

And drains were unable to keep up with the heavy rainfall. Some have said blocked drains throughout the town are responsible for flooding and work should be done to unclog them.

A mass clean-up was underway in town yesterday as roads had to be repaired following extensive damage caused by the amount of water.

Workmen were on Valley Road yesterday to mend the tarmac which had broken apart in the rain.