Why there is ANOTHER set of traffic lights on Seamer Road

Traffic has been slow moving today in Seamer Road.

Drivers have been at a standstill on Seamer Road today after the installation of temporary traffic lights.

An investigation is currently under way into the sewer network in Seamer Road and temporary lights are now in operation near the Valley Road junction opposite the end of Spring Bank.

On Yorkshire Water's website, the work description is simply "over pumping" and might not be finished until September 25.

As a consequence traffic has been moving slowly, especially at peak times, with some motorists voicing their frustrations on social media.

Jonny Giles said on Twitter: "Traffic on Seamer Road is an absolute shocker."

A Yorkshire Water spokesman said: "We have been carrying out some investigations into the sewer network in Seamer Road since Saturday and needed temporary traffic lights in place to do this safely.

Temporary traffic lights has caused further congestion in Seamer Road.

"We apologise to anyone who has been affected and we are working as quickly as possible to complete this work and reopen the road."

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