Why was Freeman honour granted?

May I be permitted to ask what Jimmy Savile did for Scarborough to be granted Freedom of the Borough?

Sir Alan Ayckbourn, Max Jaffa and Chris Wilby made huge contributions to earn our respect and are well-deserving of this honour. Jimmy Savile has a home in Scarborough and jogged across the seafront. Did he give money to any of our local charities? Lots of local people do.

I never met Jimmy Savile but during my 12-and-a-half years as secretary of the Royal Opera House Theatre Club I wrote to many celebrities asking if they would be willing to help us by opening our fundraising events.

Ken Dodd, Kathy Staff, the Grumble Weeds and many others readily agreed and no fees were involved. The whole company of the Black and White Minstrels came in full costume on two occasions and were delightful.

My letter to Jimmy Savile was sent back with a ‘smiley face’ and underneath he wrote, “Yes - my fee will be £100.” Needless to say, I did not pursue this offer as in those days we would have been unlikely to raise this amount.

Why must it take the outcome of a police inquiry to delete this man from the honour of being granted the Freedom of the Borough? Surely there is enough evidence out there already to remove his name immediately.

Christine Cox

Scarborough Theatregoers

Rothbury Street