Wind plan could be rejected

PLANNERS have recommended that approval should not be given to a proposed scheme to build two 25m wind turbines on farmland outside Burniston.

The landowner had applied for permission to install them to help power the nearby Burniston Mill but Scarborough Council received more than 120 letters of objection as well as a 134 signature petition against the move.

The matter is due to be discussed on Thursday by members of the council’s planning committee where the final decision will be taken.

According to a report by Jill Low, the council’s planning manager, the recommendation for refusal was made for a number of reasons including:

l the site being classed as “open countryside”

l the site was also included in the heritage coast area

l concerns over noise issues.

In her report Mrs Low said: “The council accepts that the mill exists and that the use of renewable energy is to be encouraged however no consideration of alternative sites has been undertaken.

“No substantive information has been submitted that any of the other renewable technologies, with less visual or landscape impacts have been considered at this site.

“No information has been provided to indicate the scale of present or future energy needs at the Mill and whether the proposals are part of a diversification or intensification of the existing use, for which planning permission may be required, or predominantly for energy production to the grid.”

Objectors claimed that the turbines would be too close to the village, but David Morgan, the farmer behind the scheme, said they would help reduce the operation’s carbon footprint.

If permission is granted the turbines would be placed on farmland, about 300m and 430m from Coastal Road,