‘Wind turbine will spoil our paradise’

Barmoor Lane Wind farm story.The Wind Turbine is due to be erected above Barmoor Farmhouse Holiday Cottages . .Picture Richard Ponter. 114082d
Barmoor Lane Wind farm story.The Wind Turbine is due to be erected above Barmoor Farmhouse Holiday Cottages . .Picture Richard Ponter. 114082d

Scarborough Council has received a planning application to install a 50kw turbine – measuring 34m to the tip of the blade – on land at Scalby Hayes Farm in Barmoor Lane.

But the plan has upset neighbours who have raised concerns over noise, light flicker, the close proximity to neighbouring properties, interference in TV signals and wildlife concerns.

David Sharp, a company director based at neighbouring Barmoor Farmhouse, said that 32 residents attended a recent meeting and the group planned to oppose the plan.

He said: “I’ve always thought that these things saved CO2 but top scientists have said that it takes 20 years to replace the savings in CO2. It is completely negligible.”

Mr Sharp said that there were also concerns that if permission was granted for one turbine then more generators would follow.

He added that he was also concerned that the turbine would be just 210m from his home. He added: “There’s a private member’s bill going through Parliament at the moment to prevent construction of wind turbines within 1km of the nearest residence.”

Mr Sharp said that he did not oppose renewable energy but felt that it had to be in the right place. He said: “I’m not against wind power but I am against wind power on land. I’ve no problem with the offshore windfarm at Dogger Bank.”

He said that barn owls, screech owls and geese used the areas well as bats. “Bird strike on these things is well documented. WE have a bat population around here too. It’s against UK law to construct anything that will harm bats,” he said.

According to a BBC/Ofcom report, which has been submitted to Scarborough Council, it claims that the turbine could also interfere with TV signals received by almost 6,500 homes in the area.

These homes are served by transmitters at Oliver’s Mount and/or Bilsdale from which the TV signal could be disrupted by reflections off the turbine with resulting interference.

The report stated: “A digital receiver that has to deal with reflections needs a somewhat higher signal level than one that has to deal with the direct path only. This can mean that viewers in areas where digital signals are fairly weak can experience interruptions to their reception should new reflections appear.

“Over time, this problem is expected to diminish as the power of transmitters is increased as digital switchover continues across the UK. However, higher transmitter powers will not be a solution in all situations which means that reflections may still affect digital television reception in some areas.”

A Digital TV spokesman said: “As the area already has a Variable reception then interference can happen because of the turbine.”

Planning officers at the council have already received more than 40 comments about the application and the deadline for responses was today.

The full proposal and any supporting information can be viewed at www.scarborough.gov.uk on the Planning Service page.

Alternatively residents may view the plans at the Customer First Centre at the Town Hall.

It is expected that the application will be discussed by the planning committee later this month.

At the time of going to press no one from the developers was available for comment.