Woman, 84, dies after fall at home

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AN 84-year-old Scarborough woman died after she fell at home, an inquest heard.

Catherine Florence Dufton, of Flower Croft, South Cliff, died on August 27 following the fall on August 20.

On the day of the accident she was found by Frances Bond, who had received a call from her control centre asking her to go to the address.

The inquest, at Scarborough County Court, heard how Mrs Dufton was found behind the front door.

Ms Bond said: “I opened the door a bit and asked if she could move at all. She did and I went in.

“She said she’d fallen in the bathroom and managed to get to the entrance door.”

She asked if Mrs Dufton had hurt herself at all, then lifted her up. She then walked into the lounge with her frame and sat in a chair in the living room.

Ms Bond then stayed with Mrs Dufton for a while and a district nurse arrived on a routine visit.

Nurse Josephine O’Leary, who also gave evidence, said: “I checked to make sure she had no injuries to her arms and legs and saw she had a small bump on her head.

“She was talking to me and she seemed fine. I asked if she wanted her GP or an ambulance and she said she was OK.”

The nurse left just after 5pm when a tea-time carer, Denise Preston, came to the address.

She became concerned that Mrs Dufton seemed “heavy” and she couldn’t move her. She phoned the office for help and another carer came out.

Ms Preston said: “We couldn’t get her up and she slid down on to the floor. We called for an ambulance.”

She added that Mrs Dufton had been complaining of a “massive headache”.

Mrs Dufton was admitted to Scarborough Hospital and died on August 27. Coroner Michael Oakley gave a verdict of accidental death and said the cause was a subdural haematoma.