Woman is saved from blazing room

TWO men dramatically rescued a woman from a burning home in Scarborough.

Ryan Burns, 27, and Jim Murphy, 58, both leapt into action after they saw smoke pouring out of a top-floor window in Northstead Flats, Long Walk, Northstead.

They had to kick down a door.

Mr Burns, who lives nearby, went to get a set of ladders, which he uses for his window cleaning job, and he and Mr Murphy climbed through an open window adjacent to the burning flat.

After battling their way through smoke, they found the resident.

Mr Burns said: “After we kicked the door down, we then found the woman.”

The two men then assisted fire officers in carrying the woman to safety, before officers extinguished the fire.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue crew manager Paul Burnett praised both men, saying: “It’s very commendable that they have went and acted the way that they have.

“They have both shown incredible bravery in their actions.”

One resident said: “They went into action without a care for themselves, and I don’t think many people would have that kind of courage.”

“In my opinion, they are both heroes.”

But neither felt that their actions on Thursday night were anything special.

Mr Burns said: “I didn’t even think twice about it. I just got my set of ladders and climbed in.

“I didn’t even do that much, to be honest, Jim done most of the work, I was just there at the right time.”

Following the rescue, the 42-year-old woman was treated by medics at the scene. She was subsequently arrested and taken into custody by police.

Yorkshire Coast Homes, which owns and operate the flats, confirmed that the fire had damaged the interior of the flat, and that they have boarded it up.

And despite the heroism of both men, Mr Burnett said: “We would always recommend that if a fire does start, in every instance, call the fire service rather than trying to deal with the situation yourself.”