Woman’s dramatic cliff-plunge escape

Flamborough Head incident 'Picture taken by Flamborough RNLI
Flamborough Head incident 'Picture taken by Flamborough RNLI

THIS was the dramatic moment when emergency services rushed to the aid of woman whose car had plunged down a grassy bank and stopped just feet from a cliff edge.

The BMW stopped “precariously close” to a 100ft drop at North Landing, Flamborough, on Tuesday evening.

It is thought the 32-year-old driver’s vehicle had careered through barriers at a nearby car park and hurtled towards the cliff edge.

The woman was airlifted to hospital following the drama.

The Coastguard, firefighters, police and the ambulance service were all involved in the rescue.

Flamborough Lifeboat was also launched and waited on standby, as there was a danger the car could have dropped over the sheer cliff into the water.

A spokeswoman for Flamborough RNLI said: “The car stopped precariously close to a drop of at least 100ft, as can be seen from the photographs.

“Thankfully, she was winched to safety by the rescue helicopter and taken to hospital.

“There is no information at this time as to why or how the car ended up in this position.

“The volunteer crew remained in the area on stand-by until they were stood down by the Coastguard.”

Humberside Police said the woman was taken to hospital with a head injury and detained overnight for observations.

A spokesman for Humberside Fire and Rescue Service said: “The car was balanced precariously close to the edge of the cliff.

“The woman was conscious and, although she wasn’t physically trapped, she couldn’t get out of the car.

“Emergency services secured the car with a rope line and worked together to release the woman. She was put on a spine board and airlifted to hospital.”

Members of the coastguard team were among the first on scene and returned to base close to midnight.

They praised the co-operation between the emergency services in freeing the casualty and transporting her to hospital.

*DOG walkers have been urged to keep dogs on a lead when walking near cliffs, after emergency services received a spate of recent calls to attend to dogs who have fallen over cliffs.

Search and rescue team members say that responding to these type of calls ties up the emergency services which affects how they can respond to other calls.