Woman’s warning over scam letter

A SCARBOROUGH woman is warning people to be aware of a letter scam circulating in the area.

Denise Willey, of Westwood, contacted the Evening News when she received a letter purporting to be from “The desk of Mr Toshiniko Fukuyama, the Shoko Chukin Bank, Hong Kong”.

The letter states that a man who shares the surname Willey had invested a portfolio of $8.8 million, but had been killed in an accident in China.

Mr Fukuyama then offers to split the proceeds with the recipient of the latter and asks them to get in touch urgently.

A spokesman from Trading Standards said: “Watch out for letters, emails or fax messages asking for your help to transfer a substantial amount of money, usually many millions of pounds, out of the sender’s country.

“The bulk of these mailings are from Nigeria but an increasing number are now coming from South Africa and other parts of the world.

“Our advice is that if you have received an unsolicited letter or email containing any of these characteristics, do not respond.”