Wonderful summer of entertainment

We realise the summer has nearly past (was it ever here!) Yes – it’s come late but better late than never.

We have been so fortunate to attend some of the events offered in Scarborough and are very thankful. Our visit to listen to Tony Skingle’s impersonation of Elvis Presley at the Spa theatre was a treat - he put his whole heart, soul and body into this event. Then followed the Scarborough Northern Showtime Orchestra led by David Clegg again at the Spa Grand Hall, which has been recently refurbished, telling sensational Sinatra’s life story in songs all of which were very well sung by Richard Adams. The Spa Orchestra in the Sun Court also need congratulating on their celebration. How fantastic to be entertained by such talented musicians on a sunny day in Scarborough overlooking the sea!

What a wonderful gathering of musicians we have in Scarborough and we feel very privileged. The Spa Complex is an amazing building and like all the other wonderful buildings Scarborough possesses, the events should be supported and buildings maintained if they are to remain. They each have their special features and facilities.

Well done, Scarborough.

Glynis Francis

Wrench Green