Woodend – Scarborough’s most haunted?

Woodend, The Crescent, Scarborough
Woodend, The Crescent, Scarborough

Could Woodend in The Cresecent bue Scarborough’s most haunted building? You’ll have the chance to find out when Scarborough’s Paranormal Society reveal the results of their investigations on Thursday October 29 at 7pm.

“We’ve taken tape recorders and listening equipment into Woodend,” said Alex Brown, of the society, “And the sounds we’ve recorded through the night are startling, to say the least.”

Woodend was built in 1835 and was the home of Sir George and Lady Ida Sitwell and their three children, before becoming the town’s Natural History Museum and latterly Woodend Creative Workspace.

“Alex and his team could have confirmed what many of us in the building have long suspected,” said Woodend director Andrew Clay.

“There have always been tales of a lady in red gliding down the stairs, and supposedly the ghost of a little boy can be seen just outside the library. And there are stories of ghostly parrots in the conservatory and clattering pans in the old kitchens.”

The Paranormal Society’s presentation on the evening of Thursday October 29 – two days before Halloween.

“People will be amazed when we play the recordings,” said Alex.

“Edith Sitwell reported her own supernatural experiences while she was living at Woodend, and we’ll be taking recordings in what we believe was her bedroom.”

But do the ‘ghosts’ worry any of Woodend’s tenants?

The building is home to more than 100 creative professionals.

“Woodend’s a fantastic place to have an office,” said local writer Mark Richards, “But there have been a few times when I’ve been on my own in the building late at night. Let’s say I’m pleased when I make it to my car.”