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IT MAY be an ugly critter, but this fish is getting Woof justice from one Scarborough chef who has been singing its praises on national radio.

Scarborough Woof is a type of catfish which is commonly found off the east coast.

Giorgio Alessio, owner of the Lanterna restaurant in Queen Street, says the fish is "delicious" but not popular because of its appearance.

He said: "I don't know who came up with the name but it is a lovely fish. However, it is rather ugly which is why people tend not to choose to eat it.

"It is on the menu at my restaurant and it tastes fantastic."

Mr Alessio was invited to speak about the fish on Radio 4 and he said since then the fish has been more popular at the restaurant.

"I try to promote it and let people know that even though it is not brilliant to look at it is delicious to eat. Since I was on the radio I have had more people asking about it and trying it which is good."

"I get them fresh from Scarborough harbour and they are fairly big and have huge teeth.

"I think it is important to serve local fish and you cannot get more local than the Scarborough Woof."

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