Working to fix worst potholes in over 20 years

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Millions of pounds are being made available to tackle the worst potholes Scarborough has experienced in 20 years.

North Yorkshire County Council is planning to spend £3 million across the region, with around £500,000 of that expected to be spent in Scarborough.

The authority is using £2 million from its reserves in the next financial year starting in April, plus providing a further £857,000 to tackle drainage issues.

Highways manager Nick West explained: “The roads have been hammered again over the winter, particularly in Scarborough.

“I think we’ve had more potholes develop this winter than I can remember and I’ve been here 20 years.

“We’ve had some hard frosts and there’s been lots of surface water about.”

Mr West said that some of the worst-hit areas have been Crossgates, Seamer and town centre streets such as Castle Road.

He continued: “We have no defined list at this stage, but we’ll be targeting these areas.

“We’re still finishing off this year’s resurfacing work and we’ve just done St Nicholas Cliff.

“Shortly we’ll be looking at the A171 at Burniston and Cloughton and the A64 near the park and ride.”

Mr West explained that lots of repairs are currently under way and that the new programme of work will start in April.

This will involve inlay patching, contour dressing and surface dressing work.

Scarborough is one of seven highways areas in North Yorkshire and the region-wide funding is allocated on a needs basis.

Mr West said: “It should equate to roughly half a million pounds for this area. I’d be disappointed if we don’t get our fair share - we certainly need it!”

County councillor David Jeffels said: “The harsh winters of the past three years have taken their toll on our local roads and it’s vital that the extensive repair programme gets underway as quickly as possible.”