Worldwide fame for model boys

Lego fans Jay, 10, and Charlie Meatheringham, 6,  next to the Lego replica of Westminster Abbey in Sheffield
Lego fans Jay, 10, and Charlie Meatheringham, 6, next to the Lego replica of Westminster Abbey in Sheffield

WHEN Scarborough-based photographer took a picture of his sons looking at a Lego model of Westminster Abbey in the run up to last week’s Royal Wedding he did not expect that it would be published across the globe.

But, thanks to the internet, six-year-old Charlie Metheringham has been seen gazing in wonder at the miniature scene in countries as diverse as Thailand, Canada, the USA, Australia, Thailand and Pakistan.

As well as news websites the images also appeared on YouTube and even a Lego blog. His father Keith, who runs the Dobson Agency in Eastfield, said he also photographed Charlie’s 10-year-old brother Jay before they went on holiday to America and first saw them used on a Thai website when they were returning home.

He said: “I decided to use my sons to give the model some sort of scale.

“Both go to Cayton School and are huge fans of Lego.

“I did the photography before we went on holiday to America, about three weeks ago, but it was embargoed until the week of the Royal Wedding.

“In between flights in Houston I decided to check on the internet to see what had been used, only to find the photos of my boys had been used in the Bangkok Post in Thailand, and my wife, Angie, even had a phone call to say one of our relatives in Australia had seen our boys in a paper over there too.

When I showed the boys, they were really excited and Charlie, my youngest, was shouting ‘we’re famous, we’re famous’ in the middle of the airport. Jay was pleased too and couldn’t believe their photos were being used in America, Canada, Australia, as well as Pakistan. He asked ‘So there are pictures of us all over the world’?

“They even featured my photos on a short news clip on ABC News, in America, which my sister saw.”

The scale model of Westminster Abbey is made entirely from the building bricks and features specially created miniature figures representing Prince William, his new wife Kate Middleton, as well as members of the Royal Family and invited guests – it features 180,000 bricks, a congregation of nearly 400 figures and weighs in at more than 60kg.

Four Lego fans took eight weeks to build the model and was unveiled at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester last Thursday.

The images are pictured above.