Wrecked boat revealed on Scarborough beach

Reader Mike Wild took this shot at Scarborough's South Bay.
Reader Mike Wild took this shot at Scarborough's South Bay.
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This picture of a wrecked boat in Scarborough's South Bay was shared with us by Mike Wild.

Mr Wild, who lives in Burley-in-Wharfedale, said: "I thought you might be interested to see this poignant photo of a wreck of an old wooden boat on the South Bay at Scarborough.

"Most of the time there’s nothing but golden sands at Scarborough, but on some rare occasions, when the conditions are right, the sands shift and reveal a wreck of a wooden fishing boat. The boat was the 36 tonne Vivid which was lost whilst entering Scarborough Harbour during a storm on 8 November, 1888.

"Like the ghost of Christmas past, the wreck has been briefly revealed and gives us an insight into previous lives in Scarborough.

"Given the very wet weather over Christmas, it was mainly the early morning dog walkers, and of the course the hardy souls watching the annual fisherman v’s firemen football match that witnessed this glimpse into Christmas past."

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