Year of new rides and new arrivals

Capybara and babies at Flamingo Land.
Capybara and babies at Flamingo Land.

With just one more month before our theme park closes and now that the peak of summer is over, here’s a review of the happenings and updates which have occurred at Flamingo Land this year. We have had a busy summer, which has been helped by the nice British summer weather! Several areas in both our theme park and the zoo have been updated.

Our theme park has seen the addition of a new area, the Dino Stone Park, which has new rides Pterodactyl, Cyclosoar and Twistosaurus. This area has proved to be very popular with both children and adults! We have also invested in a brand new ride, Hero, which is a rollercoaster where riders are in a lying-down position. The launch of this ride attracted a range of celebrities and sports personalities, and has been a major hit.

The zoo has seen the addition of a new Wallaby Walkway which opened in early spring. This gives visitors the chance to walk through an enclosure containing three species of wallaby, providing them with a different experience of viewing some of our animals. We have also recently opened The Lemurs, which is a similar experience to the Wallaby Walkway, where visitors are able to walk through our lemur enclosure. We have also had quite a few babies born in the zoo this year! January saw the birth of a baby zebra and giraffe, in March we welcomed another giraffe and ring-tailed lemur twins, in May we had a litter of capybara babies, then in summer we had several rhea chicks hatch, baby camel, baboon babies, kangaroo and wallaby joeys, peafowl, and a baby penguin successfully integrated with the current group.

Future plans in the zoo include finishing our new red panda exhibit, so that our two new arrivals have a nice new home. Builders are also completing the renovation of one of our existing enclosures ready to welcome three new Indian rhinos.

So with lots gone on this year, why not come for one last visit before our theme park closes on November 3? We will be having a Halloween themed week during the October half-term. From November onwards our zoo will remain open during winter on a weekend and during the school holidays at a reduced zoo-only price!