Youngsters hear their own Toy Story

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CHARACTERS from the Toy Story cartoons proved a popular hit with children at Kinder Place Nursery when they got dressed during National Storytelling Week.

Around 24 children – aged between one and four-years-old – dressed as characters including Jesse and Buzz Lightyear from the cartoon as well as those from more traditional stories.

Vicky Porritt, the deputy manager of the Scarborough Hospital-based nursery, said storytelling was an important way to improve children’s communication. She added: “We’ve had parents coming in this week to read stories to them. They are really into dressing up – we got them to dress up today but to be honest it’s gone on all week.

“We’ve got great parents and a lot of them do read to them. We’ve got book clubs here and they are very popular. I suppose some people don’t read to their children but, speaking to parents, storybook characters and traditional fairytales are still prominent in their children’s lives.”

She said that the Gruffalo was a very popular story with the children. “They love the Gruffalo,” she said.

As well as dressing as their favourite characters the youngsters also baking Gingerbread Men and fairy cakes, pretending to be the Gruffalo and listening to parents reading stories.

Other events have been organised throughout the week to tie in with the nationwide campaign which aims to encourage all areas of the community to take part in creating and enjoying storytelling. It is co-ordinated by the Society for Storytelling and this is the 11th year it has taken place. Last year an estimated 16,500 people took part.

A society spokesman said: “In its sharing between teller and listener it gives and receives time, it empowers, it creates and feeds the imagination from one generation to the next.”