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Your Say

Letter: The German re-enactors are integral to wartime weekend event

I was disappointed to read of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway’s decision not to have German Army re-enactment people at the next Wartime Weekend in Pickering.

Bus pass is lifeline for the elderly.

Letter: Lifeline for elderly

It is the Scarborough Older Peoples Forum’s 20th anniversary this year, and April 18 marked the 10th anniversary since the introduction of the older person’s bus pass.

Tom Clark

Letter: Do Tom’s 34 years RNLI service count for nothing?

Re RNLI Scarborough:

Waste of potential housing.

Letter: Vacant properties could ease pressure

RE housing crisis article (March 29).

Quick response

Letter: Swift effective teamwork

Whilst swimming at the new pool on Thursday morning I witnessed the lifeguards reacting to a difficult situation with great speed, calmness and professionalism.

All my young life was a matter of bed and work.

Letter: The forgotten labour of men

There has been national newspaper coverage of the Bevin Boys.

Appeal for information.

Letter: Researching Rev Brown-Borthwick, All Saints’ Church rector

I am researching the Rev Robert Brown-Borthwick (1840-1894) who was rector of All Saints’ Church, Falsgrave, Scarborough, for 22 years from 1872 until his death in 1894.

Sale of site is a confession of failure.

Letter: Sale of council site is a failure

I refer to your article about Ryedale’s intentions to move out of Ryedale House and sell the council office site.

Efforts to deter dog fouling constantly fail.

Letter: Dog fouling: hit the owners’ pockets

RE dog fouling: There is nothing wrong with owning a dog, indeed the health benefits are well documented and who could not be moved by the incredible work of guide, hearing, sniffer and recently medical detection dogs.

Pothole on A64

Letter: Poor state of Scarborough's roads

While driving round Scarborough I was followed and stopped by the police.

Gull mess below the Spa footbridge.

Letter: Does our council really care?

RE the various and obvious environmental issues that need tackling with more urgency: I read as always your Editorial Comment – how true your analysis is.

Reward incentive to capture dog fouling culprits?

Letter: Incentives to catch dog fouling culprits

RE dog fouling: There should be more signs stating offenders will be prosecuted.

Seagull nests should be removed during winter months.

Letter: Chance to act on gull mess at Spa footbridge

I travel every morning under the Spa Bridge and have for about four years.

Are road and pavement improvements on Newborough necessary?

Letter: Let the public have a voice on town improvements

Why are councils spending money on the road near Heron Foods with paving and narrowing of the road which surely was not needed?

The mini roundabout at the bottom of Stoney Haggs Road.

Letter: Car bump hotspots: more can be done

In response to your front page article in last week’s edition about black-spot junctions around the borough, notably the mini-round-about at Seamer:

Spa footbridge

Letter: Remove gull nests during winter months

I have travelled every morning under the Spa footbridge for four years.

The late Sir Ken Dodd

Letter: "Happiness" is Ken's epitaph

In Royal Opera House days (another of Scarborough’s historic theatres) Sir Ken Dodd was the president of the Royal Opera House Theatre Club. He used to call me the ‘Gafferess’.

We are hoping to get leading organisations and individuals together to make the campaign more effective.

Letter: Plastics: it’s a role for us all

I welcome your paper’s campaign on cutting down single-use plastics and reducing marine litter, and I congratulate all those who are working towards this end.

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Thanks to library staff.

Letter: The pacifist lieutenant

May I through your newspaper thank the library staff of North Yorkshire County Council and the City of York which celebrate local and international writers, one of whom, Herbert Read, Pickering Library celebrate this week and next with a display.
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Taxpayers deserve better.

Letter: Where does all our cash get spent?

At the last cabinet meeting Cllr Nock stated that the £10k court costs was still owed by the Save the Futurist group to the council. To emphasize the size of this amount he said that it was ‘equivalent to the net Council Tax for 36 Band D properties and we should have that money to provide essential services.’ Cllr Mallory said she was disappointed.

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