YOUR SAY: What patients said on Scarborough Hospital

What do patients at Scarborough Hospital have to say about its services as it faces winter pressures?

Friday, 5th January 2018, 12:54 pm
Updated Friday, 5th January 2018, 1:00 pm
Patients have praised medical staff

The Scarborough News headed down to the hospital to speak to patients who have used its services today.

Many spoke highly of the staffs dedication and care despite increasing pressures.

Here's what they had to say:

Brian Gunshon, 81, of Filey, said: "There is always room for improvement but we haven't got the money.

"When you see how much staff there are and how much they need to if I have to wait a bit longer when I will.

"I've been in for a follow up after my cataracts operation and it gives you a new lease of life. The staff are always friendly. They're busy but they take the time to say wave and hello."

Nigel Whaling, 56, also of Filey, said: "It seems slower than usual but you don't know what is going on behind the scenes.

"On a national level, I think the government keeps looking at it and reviewing it but we, the public, don't see any major improvements.

"It never seems to improve for any significant length of time. There only ever seems to be temporary improvements."

Residents have also took to social media to share their opinions on the situation.

Pearl Porteous said: "After being an emergency patient myself just before Christmas, as busy as they were in A and E. I have only praise for the ambulance staff, and also for the doctors and wonderful nurses. Let’s give gratitude instead of negativity. They work so hard with a smile and I wish they could have a medal as big as a dustbin lid."

Mick Gyles said: "Still got my appointment tomorrow morning, Scarborough hospital do a really good job!"

Kaine Waterson said: "We are lucky to have free health care. The NHS has it's problems. I am sure most would prefer a 4-5 hour wait over a £10,000 bill at the end of it."

Karen Thorpe said: "I hope they don't change my appointment as I've already waited 9 months for it and they have already changed it making me wait another month . Why can't the government put money into the NHS instead of sending it to other countries to help others instead of its own country ."

Susan Atkinson said: "There is a lot of negativity regards the NHS. I personally can not fault them as twice in my life I have had cancer and they have always been there for me. So to them I say thank you."

Wendy Smith Audsley said: "I had an appointment bang on time today (January 4)."