A better kitchen

AFTER watching James Martin’s TV programme about food for patients in Scarborough Hospital I was touched by the dedication of the staff who are working in conditions and with equipment that have served the kitchen 30 years or more.

Everyone in the area who benefit and are cared for by the hospital know how hard the whole staff work to make sure your stay there is as comfortable as possible.

We in Scarborough are so lucky to have such a great hospital on our doorstep. I know people will say we pay for own NHS service but at the end of the day, if there is not enough money in the pot things will not improve without extra help.

The generosity of Scarborough people never fails to astound me. If every household gave a £1 or more to the kitchen fund, they would have better equipment, a superb kitchen and the staff could supply food which would benefit staff and patients, and make working conditions for their dedicated staff a lot easier, and what they rightly deserve.

If collection points were put around the area in shops and public places, the people of Scarborough could be proud to have helped make our hospital the best.

James Martin has bought a new steamer out of his own pocket to help and really wants to make a difference.

I have a lot to thank the hospital for, my children were born there, all my family at some point have been cared for and I cannot praise them enough.

God bless them all.

Ann Golder

St Joseph’s Close