A lot to consider when moving ‘Freddie’ sculpture

RE: WE should move Freddie (Evening News, February 10).

While I very much appreciate the comments made in your paper re Freddie’s location, there are many points to consider.

Firstly, he will be moved back shortly to his original site, but just a couple of feet further away from the railings.

This situation is the finest, in view of his impact, history, wishes of Freddie’s nephew, Albert Brewster, and sculptor Ray Lonsdale, along with Michael and myself.

While the majority also prefer him to remain on Royal Albert Drive, the chief concerns are the effects of sea water and rusting. The sculptor has indeed used a mild cor-ten weathering steel containing copper and nickel, and did say it should last at least 30 years guaranteed.

However, although sculptured in the same metal as the Angel of the North, the latter is away from the sea air.

Personally, I would love to see him on Merchants Row, pending a possible removal elsewhere, but certainly not in the shopping precinct, which would defeat the objective of such a sculpture and increase the possibility of further vandalism at night.

I have already spoken to the Borough Council, and while they too would be only too pleased to assist, it appears Merchants Row would prove too costly in removing existing structures, manoeuvring Freddie’s conveyance and re-installing him.

We’re open to suggestions, and welcome any further comments, but please – not painting or varnishing him for protection. Such operations would ruin the fine details of the sculpture.

Maureen Robinson

Malvern Crescent