A wonderful group of care workers

WE ARE writing to you to let you know what a wonderful group of care workers we have in Scarborough.

We recently lost a very good friend who was elderly but who enjoyed his life to the full in spite of having a poor heart and kidney disease.

After his last stay in hospital, his health worsened very quickly and he died very peacefully in his sleep.

The care he received from the different agencies involved was absolutely the most compassionate, and professional, that we could ever have imagined. From the doctors and nurses at South Cliff surgery, to the specialist heart nurses, the PAL call team, the rapid response unit, social services, Ashtons pharmacy and the disability equipment storage unit, everyone was wonderful to our friend and to us.

They made a scary situation less so, gave Jacques and ourselves confidence and reassurance and made sure we were ready and prepared for any eventuality.

Thank you to Dr Rasheed, Sharon, Marylin, Jo, and all of these wonderful people from the bottom of our hearts. You are marvellous.

Paul and Linda Milner

Royal Avenue