Acoustic brilliance

What a brilliant gig. Sunday’s Acoustic Gathering was an excellent example of Scarborough Council working with a small promoter to give anyone at all in Scarborough the chance to see some talented musicians completely free of charge.

No goons cracking down on people bringing their own refreshment, a happy, crowded public facility with no bad behaviour. Headliners Red Box were a treat.

I was asked by someone who, sadly, might well have been younger than me, what was going on. I explained it happened every year, thanks to the efforts of Steve Dickinson and his fine team, that it gave young people and old ones the chance to enjoy music in a lovely setting, for free.

“I live over the road,” he said, “it’s been on since lunchtime. I want to go to bed.” It was half past nine and I felt sorry that someone living in the immediate area had no idea of what was going on in his community, or indeed, the value of it culturally and to the Borough.

Scarborough Council’s cafe was open and seemed to be doing nicely, thank you, without any member of the public paying top dollar for food or drink.

It’s small wonder that Apollo Resorts & Leisure Scarborough Limted (typo from their own website) haven’t twigged they’d get far more Bums On Seats if they didn’t charge such a whopping ticket price, if they didn’t charge a booking fee and if they allowed punters to bring their own sustenance. But that’s probably not the basis on which they sell their concessions.

I’m sure Apollo would love to do things with Peasholm Park. So, watch out, all you good people who’ve worked so hard for the last six years to make Acoustic Gathering such a good-hearted success. Let the wrong one in and the vast acres of empty seats at Open Air Theatre could well be echoed in Peasholm.

Mat Watkinson

Stepney Road