Alert on extra homes

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EVERY TIME we have a heavy downpour of rain the main grates on the road overflow and several houses in Cayton suffer overflows in their property.

From December 19 to January 10, five times our sewerage was overflowing down our path.

So on January 7 I rang Yorkshire Water and they said “it is your own problem, ring the Environment Agency”, so I rang the Environment Agency and they said it has nothing to do with them, it is a health hazard, they replied. They only deal with the highways, and told me to ring Yorkshire Water back, which I did.

We informed Cllr Blackburn and he came to see us the next day. In the past three to four years Cllr Blackburn has been involved with this problem.

We have had Yorkshire Water, Highways and Environment down several times, but still nothing has been done about this.

When we have rang Yorkshire Water to complain all we get back is “log it”.

We attended a meeting at the Town Hall on November 4 2010 due to Barratts building 170 houses on Station Road, Cayton, which hundredss of people have signed petitions about this building project.

At the meeting, Cllr Blackburn asked the planning officer if this will cause any more problems to Cayton sewerage and the planning officer did not know. The planning officer should have remarked “Before any new building go ahead they should get Cayton’s sewage and surface water sorted out.”

Mr and Mrs H Simmons

West Garth