All not fine in car park

RE: SCARBOROUGH Hospital traffic wardens.

I can remember when you went to hospital and stayed in the car park for free.

My daughter went to hospital last week for a 9am appointment and couldn’t find a parking space. Many car park spaces are taken up early doors by staff members, so what chance has Joe Public?

I am a pensioner and if I couldn’t get a lift to Scarborough Hospital for an appointment I wouldn’t go - the threat of a heavy fine hanging over your head will put many people like myself off.

Why can’t the powers that be liase with the park and ride services and get two of their always empty buses from each site - Seamer and Filey Road to run regular buses to the hospital? Probably then they would start to fill the buses and make money, or better still build a multi-storey car park.

TD Arliss

Green Lane