All we are saying is give Peas a chance

ASK PEOPLE to name a favourite place in Scarborough and Peasholm Park will often be the answer.

In these challenging times of belt tightening and watching every penny spent, I hope our council don’t go a step too far and let this beautiful asset to our town get too run down and damaged beyond repair.

Over the last few months the park has suffered numerous attacks of vandalism, toppling and damage to oriental stone ornaments, handrails smashed, pan-tiles pulled from shelter roofs, tree trail numbers uprooted.

Alongside the general disrepair, the cafe with its rotten floor left cordoned off, the bandstand in need of paint or at least the windows washed. The toilets with taps that don’t work, no soap dispensers or baby changing area.

It all gives an impression of neglect and most things could be rectified with little expense.

Come on Scarborough Council, Peasholm Park is 100 years old next year and deserves some tender loving care.

Robert Haynes

A concerned Friend of Peasholm Park

Chatsworth Gardens