Amazed by move

I would like to express amazement at the Scarborough Council even contemplating a move out of the town centre. Have they consulted the staff who will be replaced out of Scarborough? Are they not proud of our beautiful Town Hall? Do we need any more sea-view hotels?

With this council they cannot even fill the ones we have, why can’t the councillors vote as they want to and not as a party?

I understand that this is the case with the leaders telling them to vote for it or lose committees etc. Can the town centre afford to lose all the town hall staff and their spending? We have enough empty shops as it is. Please save our Town Hall.

Martin Boddy

High Street


also of Boddys Bar Street, and North Street.

re town Hall relocation.

Please do not relocate Scarborough Town Hall.

This beautiful building is part of our heritage and should be preserved. If Scarborough borough councillors do move to the former Skipton Building Society HQ it will no longer have a town hall as it would become a village hall.

Carol and Peter McNally

Green Lane