Amazingly mummifying


What a fabulous programme Mummifying Alan was. All my family watched it, it was extremely informative and educational. What a lovely man Alan was and his wife was absolutely amazing. They both had such a refreshing outlook on life and death, their family must be so proud of both of them.

My daughter Ellie and I have been to a few talks with both Dr Joann Fletcher and Dr Stephen Buckley at Scarborough Library and in Harrogate and we always look forward to watching any programmes with them in and this programme, was, as usual, of the highest quality. It is so nice to see Egyptologists that are so passionate about what they do, it spills over to their audience.

Some Egyptologists seem to think they are more important than the artifacts.

People who aren’t fascinated by the ancient Egyptian societies do not seem to understand that research like this helps us to marvel at the technology and sheer intelligence of the ancient worlds.

More ground breaking ancient Egyptian programmes from Dr Buckley and Dr Fletcher, please.

Bev Wilson

St Johns Avenue