An idea to fill the Futurist

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TWO of our grandsons, Jack and Alex, went to the Futurist the other day to see Mission Impossible. They said it was brilliant.

When they came home they both made the comment about how ridiculous it is to have an empty theatre, there were 12 people there.

It costs £5 each, and the boys said that if the Futurist put a big notice outside saying they were charging £1 each, the theatre would be full.

Especially as it was still school holidays.

They also said that if this was done say every five weeks on a Saturday, with similar sorts of movies, it would become a regular thing for a lot of children, parents would be able to afford to send more than one child too.

Remember the Odeon cinema Saturday mornings all those years ago?

I think the boys speak a lot of sense.

Josie Woodyatt

High Street