An insult to resident’s intelligence

RE TRAINING for street parties for Royal Wedding.

Television today has given blanket coverage to Janet Jefferson and her exciting innovative ideas for Scarborough Council: Training courses for people organising street parties for the Royal Wedding.

I first saw it at 7.45am, and wondered if I had overslept till April 1. But no, it was repeated at 8.20am, then it was on Look North in the evening.

I am told it was also on ITV Calendar. A ‘cringe-making’ unedifying spectacle of Janet Jefferson wearing a party hat and waving a union flag makes me wonder “is this the new style election campaigning fashion for the upcoming elections”?

Two weeks ago she was also on Look North extolling the virtues of Scarborough as an excellent shopping centre to attract tourists – she does not seem to realise that most Scarborough people go to York or Leeds to shop. Is this really the way we would be advertising Scarborough?

Scarborough streets played host to great street parties, probably before she was born, for VE Day 1945, Coronation 1953, both of which I attended in Trafalgar Square as a child. I am sure there have been many more. How on earth did the people manage to organise these without advice, nannying, and other interference from the council?

As I see it this is an insult to the intelligence of the average Scarborough citizen – the councillors’ attitude towards its peasant taxpayers being that we are not clever enough to do it without their input?

I am informed that this training course is to advise people on the legal aspects of street parties, risk assessment, health and safety, first aid and insurance although none of this was mentioned on the programmes I saw.

As I remember it, there was never a problem in any of these areas, no injuries or deaths from chairs, trestle tables, food poisoning, people helping with catering, clearing up or entertainments.

We are clever enough to know about these things, but it seems to be the case that a lot of fun opportunities are now being passed by, because those organising them have to comply with so much red tape legislation that they decide it is not worth the hassle.

This was not Scarborough’s finest hour!

Patricia David

Filey Road