Anger sat sabotage of charity events

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How many sponsored charity walks held over the Easter holidays were sabotaged?

Yes, you would all think none.... however our walk was.

After being approved by the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity we set down to making direction signs to place along the route, the route being Maureen Robinson’s Irton Tree Trail. We had worked out that a slightly shortened version of her route, walked 15 circuits, would equal a marathon distance.

We used the banners, balloons, and bunting supplied by the charity to make the direction signs, and placed road safety posters to warn traffic.

Someone was watching our every move, and after our second lap they crawled out unseen and pulled out the direction signs throwing them into the fields and hedges, even trashing the road safety signs.

We were obviously annoyed and very angry. However this sad act of cowardice didn’t deter us from our task and the majority of those walking completed the marathon distance of 26½ miles.

I only hope that the person/persons responsible for this despicable act will reflect on there actions and feel shamed.

David Parker

Porritt Lane