Animals concert was a first-class show

Wednesday night’s ‘Scarborough Evening News’ publicised the fact that the ‘Animals’ concert held at the Spa last week was very poorly attended.

I went to the concert and it was an absolutely first class show.

Thursday night’s ‘Scarborough Evening News’ again states the poor attendance for shows held at the Open Air Theatre. Why has it not entered the heads of the powers that be that it is necessary for such events to be publicised widely - in regional newspapers but also in the appropriate music magazines over the whole of the Yorkshire together with the Sunderland and Durham area.

There are insufficient numbers of dedicated enthusiasts for such diverse acts in the Scarborough area to fill either of these two venues.

I living in Scarborough think nothing of travelling to Newcastle/Manchester/Sheffield/Leeds/Hull or York to see shows.

People from these areas would come to see Scarborough’s shows if they knew about them and could book on line thus ensuring having a ticket before making the journey. They might also book overnight accommodation thereby helping our hotels and guest house trade.

Jenny Lythgoe

High Mill Drive