Animals deserve better

I AM thinking that some people no longer care for our wild animals around here.

A team of workers have in the past few months fenced in both sides of the railway line to the north of Scalby, including some gate ways that have stood open, I think since railways used the line.

They have not used post and rails which animals can navigate, but posts and barbed wire (sometimes two strands) and wire mesh. On asking them the reasoning, they said that that was what the landowners required.

I have explained to them how they have blocked up and channelled any deer, foxes, rabbits and badgers that still try to live there - and the danger to any deer who try to jump the wire (if they see it) to run their natural trails.

They are planning to build hundreds of houses in the fields in the area, which encroaches on animal land, but now I see another anti-animal habit is developing – some, and it appears quite a few people who live on the Newby Farm estate, are tipping their garden rubbish, branches and old bushes down the beck side, blocking up the animal paths. It appears to be garden rubbish – but I am not sure if this is legal, maybe they are unaware that they are blocking animal paths. Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they have not heard they can purchase a brown bin to take away this rubbish?

Hazel Dixey

Station Road