Appeal for information on ‘best boat’ trophy

I WOULD be most grateful if your readers could help me track down information on a trophy awarded annually to the best boat during the autumn herring fishery.

I am working on a retirement project to record as much as possible of the history of the fishing industry, focusing on the boats and the families who owned and operated them.

The information is being loaded onto my website The site includes a section on trophies and trophy winning boats.

I’m trying to find what I believe was called the silver herring trophy and a list of boats which won it.

It took the form of a silver model of a 1950s motor drifter/ring netter.

The folks at Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre, with whom I’ve been liaising, and who have been very supportive, would be equally keen to track down the trophy and the information surrounding it.

On the wider project I have been working with the very helpful folks at the archives in Northallerton and have details of all the Scarborough and Whitby boats from 1869 to 1989.

I will be loading these onto the website as time permits (but it’s a slow job for a one-man operation). In the meantime I’m able to help answer queries from a limited number of folks if they just contact me via the website.

The material tends to be of interest to folk with an interest in the boats and the industry and to those doing family history research. I would be equally interested to hear from anyone willing to add information or pictures to my boats files.

Douglas Paterson

26 Ashgrove Road West

Aberdeen, AB16 5DY