Are strikers living in a different world?

Do public sector workers inhabit a different world to the rest of us?

Are they immune from economic reality? Are they perhaps working longer and harder than the private sector? Do they have less days off due to sickness?

Perhaps they have special skills – although judging from the number of times ‘specialists’ are brought in (at great cost) the answer is, probably not.

The fact is that investment returns for pension funds have been poor over a number of years and people are living longer. Pension pots are insufficient to pay out the benefits originally anticipated. It therefore stands to reason that either pensions are reduced or workers contribute more to maintain the benefits they desire. The majority of our most successful companies have had to stop final salary pension schemes to new employees because they simply cannot afford to run them.

Public sector workers must pay much, much more into their pension schemes if they wish to maintain their pensions. This is what I had to do in the private sector. If they are not prepared to pay those contributions to benefit themselves, then why should they expect the rest of us (through taxes) to do so?

Many in the private sector have seen their pension schemes decimated. At a time of massive unemployment it is selfish in the extreme for public sector workers to expect special treatment. They are lucky to have jobs – and relatively secure ones at that!

If they feel so disadvantaged then perhaps they should quit their jobs and seek out better employment elsewhere. They may get a very rude awakening.

Robert Rose

Main Street