Award: Credibility of council’s ‘new honour’

In last week’s District Diary, in the Osgodby column, reference was made to the council receiving an award and “what an honour it was to be one of the first to have the award”.

May I point out that this “award” was given in place of the withdrawn Quality Status and councils were invited to apply for automatic transition to the first stage foundation level “without taking part in any accreditation”.

There are two further stages, Quality and Gold Standard. To try and make out that this award had been achieved by the “dedication”, “experience” and “stability” of the council is not the case. This is stretching the credibility of an award, simply replacing the one now withdrawn, with the first stage of another, without the need to take part in any accreditation.

It is election time but there is still a need, if making exaggerated claims, you make it clear how this award was obtained.

I have contacted the National Association of Local Councils who issue these awards. They advise me that this award is in no way a “Government Foundation Charter” as they are an independent organisation. The award is under their new Local Council Scheme.

Osgodby Council’s claim to have a “Government Award” is totally incorrect to say the least and demands an explanation.

The piece in your paper was not written by your usual correspondent.

Peter Hemmingham

Middlefield Close