Bad manners to benefactor

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After reading the Scarborough News I was most annoyed to learn that Filey Council have not had the good manners to show Maureen Robinson the respect and thanks that she deserves after her kind donation to the town of Ray Lonsdale’s sculpture, ‘High Tide in Short Wellies’. Why has she been made to suffer a year of stress and anxiety?

Is this another example of the council’s bad management or simply a lack of appreciation of this iconic piece of art. Has a location finally been agreed or not, after the torturous tour along the seafront examining the various options, why do they continue to throw this ladies’ kindness in her face?

What progress have they made in 12 months, and how much longer are they going to take? Don’t they realise that holiday makers and the townsfolk will form an affinity with Finlay and he will become part of the landscape as soon as his final location has been agreed. I have seen couples taking photographs of one partner alongside Finlay, and then handing the camera over so the other partner could be photographed alongside this fine work of art, how confused are these people going to be when they attempt to reconcile their photos at some later date, when the sculpture, ‘High Tide in Short Wellies’ has moved since their photos were taken?

Why are they being so disrespectful to this lady, surely she is entitled to be informed what on earth is going on? Clearly she is worth the cost of a letter or a phone call. Who on earth has taught these people manners and business protocol?

With such ingratitude, I can understand Mrs Robinson regretting ever offering this fine gift to Filey, a contribution instead towards a new leisure centre for Filey would have at least offered the benefactor with grateful thanks, and a periodic progress report because this would have been provided by me personally, this donation or loan could have paid for locating a suitable site, designing and preparing the drawings, obtaining tenders, so we were in a position to immediately proceed when the promised funding is made available by Scarborough Council.

J Robert Dyson

Langsett Avenue