Badgers: Cull is against popular opinion

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The government has announced that the badger cull will go ahead and likely to start after June 1. This means that they will be shot randomly killing badgers free of TB as well as carriers and causing badgers to run away in terror so spreading the disease. It could make the problem worse. Many will be injured and die lingering deaths.

Badgers are blamed for the spread of bovine TB. But could the real cause be connected to intensive dairy farming practice, inaccurate TB testing and poor biosecurity? It is very convenient for farmers and politicians to blame badgers rather than evaluate their own practice and policies.

The decision to kill badgers has been made despite public opinion polls consistently showing the majority of people are against the cull; 70 per cent of respondents to the government’s own consultation opposed the cull. In October 2012 MPs voted to abandon the killing by 147 to just 28 votes.

The government-appointed Independent Scientific Group 10-year badger culling trial concluded that “badger culling can make no meaningful contribution to cattle TB control in Britain”. Numerous eminent scientific and wildlife experts such as Bill Oddie and Chris Packham also oppose the cull.

Despite all this, the government will start killing badgers in June unless people take action now - please don’t give up - people power stopped the cull last year and we can do it again; visit

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