Bag-pack thank yous

MANY THANKS to all staff and customers at the Scarborough Morrison’s store.

On Saturday September 24 a group of adults and teenagers from Burniston Methodist Church took part in a charity bag packing event to raise funds for a trip to Mexico to build a house in six days for a homeless family.

The Morrison’s staff were extremely friendly and accommodating and went out of their way to make us feel welcome. Their organisation and management was superb. All of the cashiers were very friendly and good humoured, being interested in supporting and promoting our cause.

In these times of austerity and penny pinching we were absolutely overwhelmed by the financial generosity and sincere encouragement we received from the customers. The good people of Scarborough were more than keen to support our young people in their endeavour to make a difference to the lives of Mexican people who are living in terrible poverty. Everyone we chatted to had kind words of encouragement and offered genuine good wishes which gave our young people a real boost of pride and motivation.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone at the store, staff and customers, all of whom made our time there enjoyable and good fun.

Generous customers contributed £428 which gets us even closer towards our target of £20,000. Your donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Andrea Smith and the Rebuild Mexico 2012 team

Burniston Methodist Church

Hovingham Drive