Bar alcohol during show

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On Saturday night we were at the Billy Connolly show. The man is so funny, clever and witty. He was brilliant. However a small number of the audience behaved deplorably. People were walking out constantly throughout his show, to go to the bar, and were bringing alcohol in to the theatre.

Billy commented on this. But people kept going.

I have never seen as many people get up and walk out and come back five minutes later, all the time disturbing the people around them.

I was getting more annoyed as the night went on. Billy must have been fed up, especially when he was almost at the end, and a drunken heckler shouted a comment, he said “no that’s it, goodnight”, waved and walked off to tremendous applause.

I have to ask why the bar was open during the show? Are the management of the Futurist so desperate for money that they do this.

All the theatres I have been in close the bars during the performance.

I am sure any performer would be angry if they were treated this way.

Mike Newby