Battle for Trafalgar

Nearly 600 dual drivers, badge holders and traders around Trafalgar Street West are likely to be the first to sign a petition against the closure of one of our much used highways/roads, Trafalgar Street West.

We, local people and drivers, are aware of the total traffic chaos that this road closure would bring. Scarborough doubles in population to over a quarter of a million people in the tourist season and the closure of this road will certainly have a gridlocking and knock-on effect to Victoria Road, Castle Road and Columbus Ravine, to name but a few.

We have all seen just how one inconsiderate or badly parked car on Aberdeen Walk can create bottlenecks around our one-way system in only a short time, or the ensuing problems that arise when a cricket match ends on North Marine Road. Try and imagine that, day after day, between 9am and 6pm every day over the tourist season.

Not only would the local surrounding hotels/guest houses and street traders be affected, but this closure could cripple and jeopardise our future tourism industry.

As a taxi driver in Scarborough for over 30 years I have campaigned, personally knocking on residents’ doors, asking for their support and signatures against a number of road closures.

This potential road closure must be vigorously fought against and stopped in its tracks and with your support/signatures we can do this, but only with your help, it may also stop the development of Tesco’s.

This battle for Trafalgar Street West must not be lost.

Phil McDonald

Wreyfield Drive