Beach: Sand removal work is futile

Earlier last year, the east coast experienced a very heavy tidal surge which affected and scoured our town’s South Bay beach of sand leaving large areas of stone and brick.

The sands were in an atrocious condition from April onwards and I, along with members of the Sons of Neptune, was very concerned about the effect and memories of visitors to our beach experiencing these conditions throughout the summer, whom were disappointed not to see the familiar golden south sands of holiday brochures.

On the afternoon of May 6 at around 2.20pm, I witnessed a quad bike being ridden along the beach at some speed amongst people walking with young children or near areas they were playing, in order to survey the beach. No signs were in place notifying the beach users of any survey work or warning of dangers whilst the surveying was in action.

Subsequently, it was something of a surprise to discover large quarry wagons and diggers operating on the sands on the morning of Monday May 12, lowering the sands, which have only just been restored to their golden texture following the damage of last December’s floods.

Whilst I have queried why this “sand management” is ever necessary, or effectual, in previous correspondence, bearing in mind that the Environment Agency pick up the bill and not Scarborough Council, I cannot understand the logic in carrying out this work now. It is futile and should be stopped.

In my opinion, the only area in need of a sand build up is in front of the Beachcomber café where a new steep plinth to steps has been erected which is very difficult to walk up or down, particularly if you are attempting to abide by the dog restriction laws with your dog.

It is currently making the dog wardens’ job difficult reprimanding the dog owner for not using this steep set of steps bordering the restriction area towards the permitted area. They are choosing to wander into the restricted area to leave the sands instead!

Guy Smith

Peasholm Drive