Beaches: Solutions to mess of litter

RE Litter on beaches (Scarborough News, May 16):

I agree, it is awful, thoughtless and inconsiderate. However, I have seen city parks using huge temporary ‘bins’. The council put them out in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield, when a warm weekend or bank holiday is pending with collection and clear up on the Monday or Tuesday. Littered parks were a real problem but the huge bright yellow bins dotted about really help - a bit like big Ikea bags! They need to be really visible and just on the sand (tides obviously not an issue in parks however).

Lots of us are fairly lazy so please make it easy for us to dispose of waste. That is my two penneth and I would implore everyone to respect our beaches and appreciate that we have access to them.

Clear up your mess!

Helen Broadbent

Manager, Scarborough Spa