Behaviour: Complaining leads to action

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Re the noisiest streets (Scarborough News, December 5).

Trafalgar Square came top with 45 complaints over a three year period, to put that into perspective, that’s 15 a year, or just over one a month, which is still pretty bad but not as bad a picture as some people would have you believe.

At our local and well-attended Community and Police group (CAP) meetings, we are told that complaints are number driven, the more complaints, the closer to the top of the table you become and the sooner your complaint is dealt with.

That’s what the residents of Trafalgar Square have just done, instead of wringing their hands and whingeing, expecting somebody else to do if for them.

Consequently the authorities did come to our aid and we now have a landlord who is moving all of his tenants out in March next year, and another who has persuaded one of his tenants that it would be best if he lived elsewhere - which he has. The square is now a much quieter place and I congratulate the residents for reporting these anti-social people.

Nobody should have to put up with anti-social behaviour of any kind, but it is up to each individual to report it.

C Charles

Trafalgar Square