Benchmark deaf to the geese thud

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Not since the destruction of the 10ft glass sign outside the Rotunda Museum, have we witnessed such feather-brained goings on!

It will be recalled how the idea for the sign got through design, planning application and funding, and yet the fragility of the basic material was not enough to cause hesitation! Now we have the goose saga.

From the word go – this bland featureless wall has been a testimony to the paucity of architectural design.

Was this a Friday afternoon design job left with the apprentice?

Did no one know about the flight-path of geese, given that in this area we are endlessly informed newts are virtually marching six abreast? So Benchmark put up some fairy lights; and say there are no such things as geese – and as a consequence have no plans to deter these mythical creatures. Meanwhile, residents keep hearing the thuds – but their complaints are ignored.

Personally, I would not bank on anything being done for the unfortunate birds anytime soon. No one will be found who is accountable or remotely responsible. This is because it seems that business practice is to disappear into the bright blue yonder.

Barrie and Pat


Pasture Lane