Best solution for sea defence

It is good to see from your Letters columns that the Sons of Neptune are yet again being heralded as the would-be saviours of Scarborough’s wonderful coastal heritage, this time with regard to their efforts to defend the Spa against Scarborough Borough Council’s proposal to dump about 23,000 cubic metres of lumpy rock against it totally unnecessarily.

Why do I say that? Because I have for 30-odd years been one of the Sons of Neptunes’ technical advisers, including during their successful long-term battle to improve local bathing water quality and more recently to expose the scandal of the excessive and unnecessary expenditure on much of Marine Drive, and have recently advised them on the appropriate way to deal with the Spa.

I am a civil engineer with a lifetime’s experience as a coastal engineer heavily involved with stabilising slopes and cliffs throughout the world. In my opinion, unless detailed site investigation dictates otherwise (and to my knowledge there has been none to date), the most appropriate way of enhancing the performance of the Victorian sea wall fronting the Spa would be to inject grout to fill any voids that may be found within it which, as your correspondent Jack Binns (January 3) noted, was done at Margate at a vastly more economic price.

Dr Bruce Denness

Ashknowle Lane


Isle of Wight