Better uses for shop site

On my latest, very welcome visit to Scarborough, I was disappointed to hear of Tesco’s plan to build a new shop in a residential area. I wonder why their present shop is presumably not good enough.

On the rare occasions when I even enter the shop I find it hard to access as a pedestrian. Are we therefore to have a further retail based monument to the car thrust upon us? I suspect so. The area is not suitable for the traffic it would generate.

The site proposed for Tesco’s new shop would be better used for good quality high density housing from which people could readily walk to the town centre as I still do from the Peasholm Park area. It is a pleasure to see so many pockets of small shops left in Scarborough and I hope they survive.

From the recent trade press I understand that most of the recent rise in Tesco’s profits have come from abroad. They can abandon plans for their new shop for me.

Graham Lund

Dalrymple Street